Limited-Edition, Seasonal Beverages Create Excitement for Brands

As the saying goes, “the sky’s the limit.” When it comes to the beverage market and introducing new products, that saying certainly holds true. However, beverage-makers aren’t just expanding [...]

Why LaCroix sparkling water is suddenly everywhere

For the first few decades that LaCroix sparkling water existed, the Midwestern moms who drank it had it all to themselves. Long before the girls wearing “LaCroixs Over Boys” T-shirts [...]

FDA Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

The FDA today finalized the new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods to reflect new scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart [...]

Heavy Lifting

Long associated with bodybuilders and serious athletes, protein drinks have in recent years drawn surging interest from a broad spectrum of consumers. Demand for the beverages is being driven by [...]

Natural Alternatives Look to Close the Sweetness Gap in Soft Drinks

16 May 2016 — Ongoing concerns about obesity and sugar intake have driven interest in reduced sugar and diet drinks in recent years. This has become even more focused with the arrival of [...]

Clean label gains momentum

Product reformulation efforts aimed at giving food and beverage products a clean label positioning have picked up in the past few months, with several leading consumer packaged goods companies [...]