Indulging One’s Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate’s popularity remains intact as the ingredient is ranked No. 1 alongside vanilla at the top of consumers’ flavor popularity scale, according to Brian Wilson, applications lab [...]

Where function and flavor meet

According to Merriam-Webster, a botanical is a substance derived from a plant used as “medicinal preparation or a flavoring agent. that is especially common in skin and hair products. [...]

Plant-water category gets creative

In American sports, the term “three-peat” refers to winning three consecutive championships. In the beverage world, the bottled water category achieved its “three-peat” by remaining the No. 1 [...]

Grains, nuts power plant-based beverages

In the midst of the current plant-based food and beverage revolution, consumers are on the hunt for plant-based proteins in a variety of foods, according to a 2018 whitepaper from Edlong Corp., [...]