Science-backed cognitive ingredients in demand for beverages

Although the ad slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” was developed in 1972 for the United Negro College Fund, it has since become part of the American vernacular. As consumers [...]

Imbibe at a Glance

7 of the hottest trends in coffee right now

Edible Coffee A new category has emerged for consumers who would prefer to eat their coffee. It can be enjoyed as an ice pop, shared like a chocolate candy bar, and is also available as a gummy [...]

Signature Beverages with Imbibe

Clean-Label Supply Chain Considerations

As the clean-label movement becomes less of trend and more of a standard within the food and beverage industry, brand owners, product developers and suppliers have to reevaluate their product [...]

Technical Tips on Product Development Part 1

Insights From Our Team of Beverage Experts When developing, use an acid that will work in conjunction with your flavor profile. Using the correct acid will lift the flavor and brighten your [...]