Imbibe’s Team is Growing! Meet The Newest Imbibers

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Learn a little about the newest members to our team. Interested in joining us? Check out our current openings!

Julie Findlayjulie findlay - strategic sourcing manager

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Favorite Food:
Grilled Cheese

Kim FoltaKim Folta

Director of Product Development

Favorite Food/Beverage Pairing:
Hot dog and a beer at Wrigley or Yankee Stadium

Renee Kalis

Renee Kalis

Office Assistant

Favorite Food/Beverage Pairing:
PB&J and Milk

Jason Dompeling

Beverage Technologist

Signature Drink:
Paloma (tequila, fresh squeezed lime and grapefruit, club soda)

Thomas Novak

Tom Novak - Beverage Technician
Beverage Technician

Favorite Dessert:
Mint chocolate coconut tofu pudding

Danielle De Vera

Danielle De Vera - Regulatory Technician

Regulatory Technician

Signature Beverage:
Thai Iced Tea



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