Consider Black in Your Next Beverage

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Many consumers were enamored with the bright colors of unicorn food, but black and gray food and beverage (sometimes referred to as Goth food) are having a moment of their own.

From water to lattes and noodles to ice cream, goth fare is popping up in retail and foodservice, and the proof is on Instagram (#blackfood or #gothlatte, for example). Beyond their interesting shade, many of these foods are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and offer a variety of health benefits that remain in high demand by consumers.

Below are some Goth food and beverages that leverage ingredients you may want to consider, especially if you want your product highlighted on social media:

Charcoal Latte, Charcoal Tonix, Charcoal Pizza, Charcoal Ice Cream


Activated charcoal is the “it” black ingredient right now. It’s ultra-absorbent and can suck up everything that hits your digestive tract, which can be very detoxifying. Coffee shops in the U.K. like Acme Cups, Farm Girl, and Damson & Co. are featuring it in lattes. Luli Tonix features it in their rejuvenating elixir Black Magic along with lemon, maple syrup, sea salt and water.  Charcoal is also showing up in foods like pizza. Olivella Restaurant in New Jersey offers a charcoal pizza crust, which makes your pizza look burnt, but gives it a little extra flavor and function. Finally, Little Damage in Los Angeles is serving up activated charcoal ice cream cones filled with black almond-flavored soft serve.


 Matte Black Latte

You can find this dark delight at Round K in New York City. The coffee shop itself is modeled after traditional Korean coffee spots called dabang, but this beverage is unique to the location. Its ingredients include espresso, organic coconut ash, 98% Dutch processed cacao, and almond milk, which are blended together for this milkshake-like beverage.

Black Sesame Latte

The last black latte (so far) is the Black Sesame Latte from White Mojo Café in Melbourne, Australia. The latte contains stone ground black sesame, almond, and peanut as well as steamed soymilk. Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that black sesame warms the body, replenishes blood, relax bowels and nourishes hair.


Black Water

Blk Water may look dirty, but it can actually be very good for you! Blk Water is alkaline water infused with nutrient-rich Fulvic Minerals that give it its dark color, and packs each bottle with minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and amino acids.


Black Pasta

Black pasta is not your normal spaghetti (or penne, tortellini, etc.). It will fill you up just the same, but squid ink is what gives it that color. Researchers have suggested that squid ink can stop the growth of new blood vessels, which is believed to slow the growth of cancer.

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