Sodas by Imbibe

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Since our beginnings in 1963, Imbibe has focused relentlessly on mastering the art of carbonated soft drinks. This wide ranging category features a handful of “core” flavor types (like cola, root beer, orange, and grape) and a much larger range of creative combinations, authentic variations, and niche specializations (think acai blueberry, cherry pomegranate, and mango tangerine!). Imbibe specializes in understanding the components that drive product differentiation, and develops drinks that highlight their own nuances forcefully. Whether it be strengthening the spice note of a ginger ale, optimizing the ratio of caccia to cream in a cola, or highlighting wintergreen notes of a root beer, Imbibe is uniquely suited to help brand owners create soft drinks that stand out on the shelves.

Take a look at a couple of our control brand soft drinks and get some ideas for what could work for your own applications.

  • Tate’s Old Fashioned Root Beer Tates Family
    • Tate’s Old Fashioned reminds us that there was a time when every drink was a labor of love, every bottle had a promise to live up to and every sip was a moment to be remembered. Our root beer blends a combination of flavors, roots and spices to achieve a rich and creamy balance that encourages high-fives. We don’t claim it’s a cure for back pain, but it will put your tongue in high spirits if applied generously.


  • Halvia HalviaLineup
    • Halvia is a naturally-sweetened soda boasting a mere 50 calories per can. It’s made with Stevia, which comes from the dried leaves of the stevia plant – no artificials for us! Halvia is available in root beer, lemon lime, cola, orange, and ginger ale flavors. Find the flavor that’ll make you smile.