The Seeds of Beverage Innovation

At Niles, Ill.-based Imbibe, marketing manager Ilana Orlofsky concurred with Mr. Averbook that protein drinks are “no longer relegated for the elite athlete.” She identified protein [...]

Clean Label Isn’t Losing Momentum, So Where is it Headed?

Caribou recently made the bold decision to use only clean label ingredients in its beverages, and created a list of more than 70 ingredients the company has blacklisted. Panera made a pledge to [...]

2017 Beverage Trends: Glass is Half Full

Trend Tracking, Tasting Beverage developer and insights provider Imbibe Inc. (, Niles, Ill., listed 2017’s top trends along with on-trend beverage examples. Sustainability.  [...]

Following the Organic Spice Trail

Amid growing demand for organic label claims, product developers seek out solutions to a limited supply of the world’s most flavorful ingredients. Sales of organic foods continue to grow in [...]

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