Think Pink for Your Next Drink

Colorful food and beverages are predicted to be a top trend in 2018, and one color in particular to watch is pink. A strong social media presence can have a significant impact on a product’s [...]

Beauty from Within: Beverage Ingredients for Skin, Hair and Nail Health

The functional beverage market has grown exponentially over the last several years as busy consumers are seeking convenient ways to improve their health and wellness. Some of the most popular [...]

Don’t Miss a Beet for Your Next Product Launch

You may be noticing more purple food and beverages in restaurants, cafes and grocery aisles. Vegetables like purple carrots, potatoes, corn, cauliflower, and ube (yam) are being used in more [...]

Consider Black in Your Next Beverage

Many consumers were enamored with the bright colors of unicorn food, but black and gray food and beverage (sometimes referred to as Goth food) are having a moment of their own. From water to [...]

Product Inspiration: Lemonade Edition

Developing non-soda beverage options remains a high priority for brand owners, since CSD sales have been on the decline for over a decade. While lemonades may have nutritional profiles similar to [...]

Thriving Tea Segment Means Opportunities for Beverage Developers

The demand for health and wellness has contributed to the tremendous proliferation we’re witnessing within the tea segment. The global RTD tea market is expected to hit $116 billion by 2024. [...]

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