Chocolate’s mass consumer appeal resonates in beverages

Depending on the application, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages more frequently contain chocolate flavors or extracts, while cocoa powder is more common in powdered beverages, says Ilana Orlofsky, [...]

Natural, clean-label trends drive upswing in botanicals

As more consumers take a back-to-nature approach to their health and nutrition, recognizable, plant-based botanical ingredients like green tea, guarana, turmeric, acai, vanilla and ginger are [...]

Demand increases for probiotic drinks

There’s an idiom that talks about listening to one’s gut as a way to ward off something that doesn’t feel right. After the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, or gut, is the nervous system’s [...]

2017: Already a big year for expanding our team! Meet the newest Imbibers

  Eve Muchnik Executive Assistant and Office Manager Favorite Flavor Combo: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Holly McHugh Marketing Associate Food(s) you’d choose if stuck on a desert [...]

Science-backed cognitive ingredients in demand for beverages

Although the ad slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” was developed in 1972 for the United Negro College Fund, it has since become part of the American vernacular. As consumers [...]

Imbibe on the Brain

Those who know Imbibers well, know that as a whole, we are intrepid in our approach to beverage development, but this characteristic extends beyond the lab. Recently, one of our Imbibers showed [...]

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