Sugar Reduction, Strategies & Solutions for Beverages

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Finding the sweet spot for taste, texture and nutritional profile is a challenge for beverages, because consumer sentiments change often and quickly about desired product attributes. Necessity is the mother of invention, and because a swell of consumers are looking to food and beverage to help them feel better and achieve other wellness goals, the current matriarch is demanding alternatives to the often demonized sugar.

Beverage scientists at Imbibe, a boutique beverage development firm, are constantly tasked with designing bespoke sweetener systems for their customers – beverage brands of all sizes. Chief Commercial Officer Andy Dratt will highlight the versatile role of sugar in beverages, alternative sweeteners as solutions, and some of the more novel technology developers are using to achieve the optimal sweetness profile. Following a brief presentation, he will shine the spotlight on Wesley Boas, Head of Consumer Products – Global Strategy, Innovation & Marketing at WW (formerly Weight Watchers) who will field questions about consumer perception, purchase intent and palatability of sugar-free (or nearly sugarless) food and beverage products. Tune in for some insider tips and strategies designed to sweeten the bottom line.

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