Soup to Nuts Podcast: Mood boosting beverages, non-alcoholic options rise with ‘sober curious’ movement

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For many Americans in 2020, pouring a stiff drink at the end of the day – or the middle of it – was less about socializing with friends and more about coping with the chaos of the pandemic, and while many of the challenges from last year remain – research shows fewer people plan on turning to alcohol in the New Year and instead are embracing non-alcoholic and functional beverages as healthier alternatives…

In this episode of FoodNavigator’s Soup to Nuts podcast, we take a closer look at what’s driving the ‘sober curious’ movement and its market potential. Holly McHugh, a marketing associate with the beverage development firm Imbibe, shares which benefits and ingredients resonate with consumers as well as how to overcome formulating and regulatory challenges when incorporating functional ingredients into beverages.

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