Formulating with Immunity Ingredients – Not Immune to Roadblocks 

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Angela Skubal, a Senior Scientist at Imbibe, has been able to support the development of many functional food and beverage products during her time in the industry. Recently, she took part in the webcast Immune Health: Food Forward presented by Nutritional Outlook. Joined by two other esteemed experts in immune-boosting ingredients, Angela showcased her knowledge of formulating them into food, beverages, and dietary supplements. Since joining Imbibe’s team, she has proven herself as an incredible asset in projects that require masking unpleasant ingredients, including many associated with immune support, and perfecting products for customer approval and consumer enjoyment.  

Throughout this webinar, Skubal discussed challenges with immune-supporting ingredients and explained that taste, solubility, and stability are common formulating woes with ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, and turmeric. 

Throughout current and recent projects, Skubal has experienced a ton of variation in taste challenges for vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and beta glucans. NonSense®, our suite of maskers, is commonly used to improve the taste of ingredients from these categories. Common off-notes these popular ingredients impart are less than popular – think chalky, drying, metallic, and fishy. A strategic flavor choice can also support the success of covering up or balancing these flavors; picking strong, characterizing flavors like mint, ginger, and citrus will help to distract from unpleasant taste profiles.   

Although these products may be challenging to formulate and produce, more than half of U.S adults say they would be interested in purchasing food or beverage that claim to help boost immunity (Civic Science, 2021). In addition, 70% of global consumers say they have changed their diets and lifestyles to improve their immunity (FMCG Gurus, 2021). Steady consumer demand for keeping their immune-defenses strong propels us to continue finding new techniques and tools to create differentiated products for an ever-evolving marketplace. Looking for some of the best ways to stand out in the market? Ensure your products that claim to have immune-boosting benefits have: 

  • A pleasant taste
  • Stacked functionality 
  • Low/no sugar
  • And deliver the expected results in unexpected formats 

ICYMI: Click here for access to the entire webinar, compliments of Nutritional Outlook 

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