Ingredient and Flavor Trends for 2020

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Spend enough time with anyone in the beverage industry and they’ll all eventually tell you the same thing: the most important thing a drink can do is taste good.

That old adage may still hold true, but it doesn’t make the entrepreneur’s job any easier. At the dawn of a new decade, consumers are not only demanding great taste, as they always have, but they’re also seeking answers to a litany of suddenly critical questions. Where was this fruit sourced? Is it plant-based? What is the ingredient and how will it make me feel? And, of course, does it have CBD?

Consumers Low/No Alcohol

Knowing what consumers don’t want is often just as important as knowing what they do want. And in 2020, they’ll likely be asking for less alcohol.

But even though they might not want some of the effects of drinking alcohol, consumers are still seeking familiar flavors inspired by spirits and cocktails. Health conscious millennials have helped drive the proliferation of high-end mocktails made with zero-proof spirits, exotic juices, and bitters, according to beverage incubator Imbibe.

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