Imbibe Collaborates with Non-Profit ‘Bigger Table’ on Developing Nutrient-Dense Beverage Exclusively for Northern Illinois Food Bank

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According to a study by Feeding America, one in seven people in Illinois are food insecure and rely on Northern Illinois Food Bank and its network of community feeding programs. Imbibe developed a low-sugar, high-protein beverage mix branded ‘Bigger Table Hot Cocoa’ in collaboration with Bigger Table, the non-profit arm of the Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network. More than 10,000 packets of the nutrient-dense hot cocoa will be donated to the Northern Illinois Foodbank on Feb. 13, 2020 and more than 40 industry volunteers will be on-site to label the packets for distribution.

The better-for-you hot cocoa is made from ingredients donated by local food and beverage companies, including Imbibe who donated a proprietary stevia blend for the product. Bigger Table Hot Cocoa contains 7g of protein, 2g of fiber and no added sugar. The decision to develop an enhanced hot cocoa was inspired by the need for nutrient-dense food and beverage in underserved communities and to provide warmth during the winter.

Bigger Table is led by ten Chicago-area food and beverage industry members, including Imbibe’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Dratt. Dratt has been a board member of the Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network since its inception three years ago and is now chairman of the board for Bigger Table.

“We are extremely excited to have executed this initiative and feel it can be scaled to deliver food across the country,” explained Dratt. “There is so much food waste in America, and while there are “easy” outlets for extra food to be donated when in finished form, there has never been a way for ingredient companies to donate extra, near end of shelf life, or un-needed ingredients. We think we’re onto something big here and hope that by providing delicious, nutrient-rich products we can make an impact on underserved communities in a sustainable way.”

Thousands of dollars worth of internal resources and in-kind ingredients were donated by Imbibe, ADM, Bader Rutter, CoreFX, ConnectFood, Dairy Farmers of America, Edlong, FONA International, Coyle Packaging Group, and Olam Cocoa. Proven Partners Group donated the manufacturing of the product.

Labeling of the donated cocoa packets will be held February 13 from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. at Northern Illinois Food Bank (273 Dearborn Court, Geneva, Illinois).

For more information about Imbibe’s involvement in the Bigger Table hot cocoa donation, contact Holly McHugh at 847.324.4411, or email