Flavoring functional beverages for authenticity

 In Press

David Dafoe, founder of Louisville, Ky.-based Flavorman, a beverage development company, predicts “better-for-you” beverages emphasizing bright and refreshing flavors are poised to take center stage in 2020. Many will include the floral and herbal profiles of botanicals. This group includes the subtly sweet, aromatic flavors of basil, cilantro, lavender and elderflower, as well as the sour, tart flavors of sorrel and orange peel. Flavors highlighting wood and pine notes — think fir needle, balsam and cedar — will add another dimension of freshness and complexity to the next generation of beverages.

The concept may be categorized as holistic wellness, one of the top beverage trends for 2020, as identified by Imbibe, Niles, Ill. These are beverages that support physical and emotional health. The beverage innovation company expects brands to “go back to the basics” by incorporating essential nutrients into beverages as well as novel ingredients that may improve relaxation and temperament. Tasting the ingredients helps consumers believe in their effect.

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