Cheers to Your Health: Feeling Good About Beverage Formulation

 In Natural Products Insider, Press

There was a time when the notion of a “healthy” beverage might’ve brought to mind something like milk, orange juice or maybe tap water?

And each still makes a strong case for being a prudent hydration option. But, noted Brian Zapp, creative director, Applied Food Sciences, “Our idea of what constitutes as a ‘healthy beverage’ has certainly evolved over the last decade or so….”

And on the wind-down side, Holly McHugh, marketing associate, Imbibe, said beverages with ingredients that promote relaxation and stress relief like adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and CBD will, “be in the spotlight and expected to grow significantly in the next few years.” Even traditional relaxers like chamomile, green tea and lavender are attracting attention,” she added.

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