#SXSW Recap: Bonus Trendspotting in Austin

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South by Southwest Austin 2019 Trends


  1. Not as Sweet
  2. Where’s the Meat a.k.a. Dairy Defeat
  3. Time to Retreat

Some contemporary literature suggests that the natural production of cortisol and melatonin that helps manage our circadian rhythm may be a bit out of whack, partially thanks to the light of so many of our lives – our phones. Former Saved by the Bell actress Tiffani Thiessen recently published a children’s book entitled “You’re Missing It” to remind parents how many moments they may inadvertently disconnect from while their eyes are peeled to their devices.

Enter a movement to help consumers break some of the habits that may be amplifying our anxiety or reducing our ability to maximize the joy gained from connecting to those around us.

No shoes and no cell phones are mandatory to gain entrance to the mobile mindfulness space, called PeaceBox, which at SXSW was a trailer retrofitted with calm and serenity. As a way to offer opportunities for meditation and mindfulness to over-worked professionals, companies can invite Peacebox to their premises, or tap into this organization’s resources. One objective: to equip more people with the tools to master a manageable work/life balance.

4. Wellness That’s Complete

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