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Consumers are prioritizing health because of coronavirus and the upcoming cold and flu season. A survey by OnePoll on behalf of MitoQ found that immune health is a constant concern for more than half of consumers and nearly 80% are changing their diet to include more immune-boosting ingredients. Brands are responding by developing immune-boosting beverages that deliver ingredients consumers want in a delicious and convenient way.

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Promoting a Healthy Gut

The majority of our immune system is housed in our gut. Beverages enhanced with gut-friendly ingredients like apple cider vinegar, probiotics, prebiotics, and other dietary fibers are cross-functional because they are suggested to improve digestion and boost immune cells.


Poppi is a soda made with apple cider vinegar and prebiotics. The enhanced soda enables consumers to introduce gut-friendly ingredients to their diet through a familiar format and masks the harsh taste of the apple cider vinegar.


Chobani introduced their first beverage outside of the brand’s dairy and dairy alternative product lines. It’s a fermented, plant-based drink made with organic fruit juice, botanicals like turmeric and ginger, and probiotics.


Goldthread launched a health tonic infused with elderberry, which is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that are suggested to boost the immune system. The bright purple product is also made with adaptogens like tulsi and astragalus that are suggested to promote relaxation.

Functional Enhancements

Brands are enhancing products with nutrient-rich ingredients and immune-boosting vitamins and minerals like zinc and electrolytes. These enhancements are being incorporated into products across categories, but are especially common in sparkling waters.

Weller expanded their portfolio beyond CBD products with an elderberry-enhanced sparkling beverage. Development of the beverage was motivated by increased consumer interest in immune-boosting products due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cloud Water claims their immunity beverage is “for the new normal.” The sparkling, flavored water is enhanced with 20mg of vitamin D and 11mg of zinc, which is 100% of the recommended daily intake for men (and slightly more for women) based on FDA guidelines.


Talking Rain Essentials are enhanced with essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for immune support. The sparkling beverage contains vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12 and D as well as zinc and coconut water, which is inherently rich in electrolytes.

Wellness Shots

Wellness shots are packed with nutrients despite their small volume of liquid. They contain many of the same ingredients as a typical immunity beverage but are more convenient for consumers who don’t want to commit to drinking a full-sized beverage.


Numi Organic shots are packed with nutrient-rich fruits and herbs. The 2 oz. shot is made with antioxidant-rich pomegranate, elderberry and rooibos. They also have cayenne, which is suggested to promote healthy circulatory and upper respiratory systems.


Balance – The Superfood Shot – is loaded with fruits and vegetables. The brand’s immunity SKU is is high in antioxidants and contains 1000% of the daily requirements of vitamin C. Ingredients include organic elderberry, acerola cherry, orange, concord grape, carrot, beet, blueberry, pomegranate, spinach and broccoli.


Although not exactly a shot, Coffee Booster is a flavorless liquid beverage enhancer designed to provide additional health benefits to your cup of joe. Ingredients include vitamins C and D3, zinc, echinacea and ginseng. Each bottle provides a boost for up to twelve cups of coffee.


Even though not all kids are in the classroom this fall, they are still prone to spreading germs and getting sick. Brands are introducing kid-friendly options by fortifying beverages with immune-boosting vitamins and using nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juices.

Ocean Spray‘s Growing Goodness immunity SKU incorporates a blend of cranberry, strawberry and kiwi juices to provide 130% of kids’ recommended daily intake of vitamin C in order to support a better immune system.


Nurture Fruity Waters are enhanced with vitamins and minerals to deliver immune-boosting nutrients to young kids in a tasty and familiar format. Each pouch is a good source of vitamins C, B6, B12 and D, niacin, folic acid and zinc.


Once Upon a Farm’s dairy-free smoothies are enhanced with probiotics for gut and immune health. They are also rich in iron and contain 6g of plant-based protein from pumpkin seeds.


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