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Data Analyst

Title: Data Analyst

Imbibe is a leading innovator in the beverage industry. Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to product development where we engineer every beverage from the bottom up. We design custom components, such as ingredient blends, flavors and finished beverages for every project. Imbibe combines a powerful synergy of innovation, technical expertise and dedication to ensure our clients never settle for anything but the best.

Principal Responsibilities:

    Write SQL queries, views, or stored procedures to extract data from SQL Servers in a consistent and efficient manner that follows industry best practices  

   Interpret existing complex SQL queries and stored procedures to reverse engineer existing code.

    Create and automate or increase the efficiency of existing reports

    Assist in data analysis functions.

    Elicit requirements from stakeholders to better define report content.

    Document the results of work activities.

    Support the generation of standard reports as well as ad hoc queries.

    Ensure effective communication to the management team and business clients.

    Make recommendations for improvements in reporting tools, techniques, and processes.

    Participate in efforts to analyze, design, and migrate data as needed.

    Identify and clean up malformed data.

    Perform bulk data updates when needed.

    Identify SQL performance issues and provide corrective measures

    Collaborating with Dev team members as well as all of engineering

    Write clear and concise technical documentation in a word processor

   Assist one or more business teams in understanding and utilizing data.

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