SweetSense™ is a clean-label, zero-calorie ingredient designed to enhance sweetness perception in food and beverage products.

SweetSenseTM has numerous benefits:

  1. Reduces the amount of sugar needed to meet taste and mouthfeel requirements by 20%–50% in many beverage formats
  2. Accentuates inherent sweetness from other ingredients
  3. Provides upfront sweetness with no added linger
  4. Provides added lift and intensity to characterizing flavors
  5. Listed in the “natural flavor” declaration on an ingredient statement
  6. Stable through high-temperature thermal processing
  7. Customizable for specific applications

Don’t want steviol glycosides? You’re in luck! SweetSense™ refers to a family of sweetness enhancers, many of which do not contain stevia or stevia-derived ingredients.