Immune health ingredients increasingly popular in beverage formulations

As consumers continue to take a hands-on approach to their health, they increasingly are turning to foods and beverages that act as a source of “daily medicine.” Healthy, functional ingredients [...]

The Spike of Spiked Seltzer Means You Might Want to Consider it for Your Brand

Demand for low-cal, low-carb and low sugar drinks has been a catalyst for the growth of the sparkling water segment. Riding the coattails of that explosion comes spiked sparkling water (aka hard [...]

Consumers have cognitive health on the mind

Individuals are challenged daily to balance work, home and recreation, which is why it’s normal to feel distracted, unmotivated or too tired to concentrate at times. Many consumers wish to [...]

Flavor Trends in Beverage Development and Beyond: Part 2

ICYM the first part of this article, it included an overview of some of the most pervasive flavor trends currently on the market (you can read up on true to fruit, botanicals and fantasy flavors [...]

Beverage Innovations Shift to Embrace Everything from Health to Entertainment

They say, “You are what you eat.” Of course, that also could be applied to what you drink. That’s because when dining out, consumers are looking to beverages to provide certain [...]

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