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Pinterest launched in 2010, and propelled consumer interest in
the DIY movement. DIY kits for food and beverage have become
especially popular with Millennials and Gen Z. Here are some
of the most innovative and in demand DIY products.


  Meal kits are now a $2.2 billion business and momentum isn’t slowing down. Here are a few examples of meal delivery kits that offer a unique experience.
  Home Chef offers ingredients that adhere to your personal dietary restrictions and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.
  Purple Carrot offers an entirely vegan menu with enhanced flavor profiles through seasonal produce, herbs and creative sauces.
  Chef’d has 200+ recipes to choose from, and doesn’t require a subscription. The company also has meal selections by chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli and the James Beard Foundation.
  Because of the popularity of delivery kits, grocery stores like Kroger are testing their own in-store meal kits in select states.


  According to the 2017 Google Beverage Trends Report,consumer interest in cold brew started with DIY kits before it hit the mainstream in 2015. Cold brew coffee is now so pervasive that there are hundreds of kits to choose from.
  Kombucha is one of the most pervasive tea categories right now, and a variety of home brew kits have hit the market.
   Kits for adult beverages like distilling your own gin or bourbon, brewing beer, and making bitters have entered the market.


  Like the cake and bread mix boxes that came before them, DIY food kits provide all the ingredients consumers need to make their favorite foods at home.
  Examples include make your own bagel, mozzarella, hummus and tofu kits.

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