7 trends in smoothies right now

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In a bowl – Smoothie bowls offer an alternate way to incorporate superfoods than the traditional drinkable method. They are often thicker, include ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, goji berries and bee pollen, and are beautifully decorated, making them quite insta-worthy.
Who does it well: Vitality Bowls, Jamba Juice

Meal replacement – Ranging from 100 to 1400 calories, meal replacement smoothies contain ingredients that are intended to keep consumers full until their next meal. Planet Smoothie has a meal replacement section on their menu that allows consumers to choose between 21 and 40 grams of protein blended with two fruits.
Who does it well: Planet Smoothie, Naked Juice Chia

Coffee Smoothies – Coffee is now a featured item on many smoothie menus. In some cases it’s blended with other functional ingredients, like protein that delivers additional benefits. Vanilla, Raspberry Mocha, Almond Mocha and Cinnamon Latte are just a few of the coffee smoothie flavors on the market.
Who does it well: Smoothie King, Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus

Customizable for Your Health – In addition to fruit, milk, milk alternatives and juices, there are now a plethoraadd-ins of other functional ingredients readily available for consumers to add to their smoothies. Add-ins range from vitamins, bee pollen, ancient grains, protein, energy blends, and probiotics, just to name a few. The variety of ingredients allow consumers to customize the taste or find a smoothie that meets their personal health goals and diet regimen.
Who does it well: Tropical Smoothie, Daily Harvest, Odwalla Mo’ Beta

Happy Hour/Adults-Only – The line between cocktails and smoothies is blurring, and consumers are mixing their own innovative boozy infusions.
Who does it well: Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, Espresso Brandy Smoothie Recipe, Boozy Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie Recipe

veggie smoothieA Shot on the Side – On-the-go, health-conscious consumers are turning to functional shots of ginger, chlorophyll, turmeric, and wheatgrass, to enhance their smoothie experience with additional benefits.
Who does it well: The Juice Shop, Liquiteria, The Butcher’s Daughter


Transparency – As the clean label movement becomes more mainstream, brands are using terms like “all-natural,” “handcrafted,” “cold-pressed,” and “artisan” to emphasize that health is a priority in their smoothie ingredients and fresh preparation methods.
Who does it well: Dr. Smoothie, Evolution Fresh, 1915 Cold-Pressed Smoothies