7 of the hottest trends in snacking right now

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kamut pretzelsAncient Grains: Grains like spelt, kamut, quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, teff and chia (technically a seed) are found in less traditional formats. Their nutritional impact ranges from omega-3s, potassium, iron, protein, and fiber, while flavor combinations are endless.

Market examples: Earnest Eats Amaranth Quinoa BarsKracklin’ Kamut, Chia Viva, Hi I’m Skinny Quinoa Sticks

Jerky: With Hershey’s acquisition of Krave (which saw sales double in 2015), and with protein gaining mainstream popularity, jerky has seen a major resurgence in the marketplace. It’s natural, it’s grass-fed and now comes in foodie friendly flavors like spicy coffee, maple bourbon, chipotle lime and basil citrus.

Market examples: Fusion, Uncle Andy’s, The New PrimalLorissa’s Kitchen, Chef’s Cut

Extreme Spice: Adventurous consumers demand the next level of heat. Habaneros, cayenne, and even ghost peppers are popular snack flavors and flavor enhancers.

Market examples: Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper, Simply 7 Spicy Chili Pepper Hummus Chips, Lundberg Farms Sriracha Rice Chips, Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds

Chocolate and Cacao Innovation: Cacao and chocolate are being reimagined in better-for-you formats and flavor combinations like dark chocolate and salt puffs, nibs, botanical chocolate, brewed cocoa K-Cups, and even hummus.

Market examples: i heart keenwah Chocolate & Salt PuffsNavitas Naturals Cacao NibsHope Foods Chocolate HummusCrio Bru Brewed Cocoa

Pulses: The combination of international influence and the growing domestic interest in pulses is leading to the launch of many pulse-centric snacks that incorporate lentils, chickpeas, and beans.

Market examples: Cool Foods veggie bacon bitsBiena chickpea & sea salt snacksBrami lupini bean snackGood Thins

Jica chips jicamaNot-So-Potato Chips: Many potato chip alternative products are emerging with healthier veggie ingredients like beets, onions, lentils, and Jícamas (Aztec yam beans) as consumer interest in better-for-you chips continues to grow.

Market examples: dang foods onion and coconut chipsRhythm superfoods beet and kale chipsJícaChipsEnjoy Life Foods lentil chips

Nuts: These kernels are great vehicles for delivering global flavors like Thai lemon curry and cacao sesame-teriyaki. They’re prepared in a variety of ways, including being sprouted, activated, raw and cold-pressed.

Market examples:  Living Intentions, Big Tree Farms, Nate’s Raw Harvest