#Trendspotting National Restaurant Association Show 2017 Recap

June 2017 Trendspotting National Restaurant Association Show Recap from Imbibe on Vimeo. FLAVOR     Floral flavors like hibiscus and lavender were featured in packaged products, and in [...]

The Latest Innovations in Plant-Based Products

One of the food and beverage categories that is experiencing the largest growth right now is plant-based products; it’s actually experiencing growth at a faster rate than the food and beverage [...]

7 Hot Food Movements To Inspire Your Next Product Launch

The DIY Gourmet Chef: From a make-your-own-cold-brew coffee kit to fermenting tea or vegetables on a kitchen counter, to meal prep kits, consumers demand ownership of their food preparation. [...]

7 of the hottest trends in Natural Products right now

Veg-Centric  Both restaurants and retailers are highlighting veggies – whether they’re being pickled, fermented, smoked or fried they’re being used from their root to their stem. New beverages [...]

Is jackfruit the next hot clean-meat alternative?

If you’re walking through a forest in Southeast Asia, look up. Chances are good that you’ll spot a massive, green-yellow orb covered in spikes. While it looks like a prehistoric wasp’s nest, it’s [...]

Plant protein applications evolving

Protein remains a popular nutrient among consumers. Its association with physical fitness, satiety and as a key component in a nutritious diet is driving consumers to seek it in a variety of [...]