Behind the Scenes with Chicago Food Bloggers @ Imbibe

The visual appeal of food and beverages often plays a critical role in the success and viral potential of a dish.  With the advent of Instagram, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to [...]

Imbibe on the Brain

Those who know Imbibers well, know that as a whole, we are intrepid in our approach to beverage development, but this characteristic extends beyond the lab. Recently, one of our Imbibers showed [...]

#TrendSpotting: Chicago Edition

We read about trends and new products on the market, but we also see value in being out in the field and browsing menus. Earlier this month we had the opportunity take a trend walk to try some [...]

Imbibe and Kendall College to Co-Host Cocktail Creation and Innovation Event

Niles, IL: Imbibe and Kendall College are excited to co-host “Blending Art and Science,” an evening devoted to the exploration of cocktail innovation from two unique perspectives. Chef Elaine [...]