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(Niles, Illinois) Nov. 13, 2017 – Protein containing beverages are one of the fastest growing beverage types, and Imbibe’s Beverage Developers are pushing the envelope to create even more novel beverages for clients. The company has developed a wide range of cutting-edge protein products, ranging from clear protein waters to nitrogen-infused protein beverages.

The U.S. protein drink market is expected to reach $671.4 million by 2019. To keep up with the high-demand of protein containing beverages, Imbibe has dedicated considerable resources into becoming a leading expert in this space. The company’s research and development team spent more than 3,300 hours developing protein beverages in the first three quarters of 2017.

Imbibe is experienced in dairy and plant-based protein sources. A sophisticated knowledge of stabilizer systems is essential to formulate with protein. This is an area where Imbibe’s team has excelled against competitors.

“Over the last few years, our team has gained an incredible amount of experience developing and commercializing protein beverages of all types,” said Vice President of Research and Development Joe Farinella.  “We’ve successfully launched products in a wide variety of formats – from traditional, low-acid protein shakes to more unique plant-based protein products. Given the recent surge of interest in plant-based options, we’ve recently directed our New Technology team to focus on this space to make sure we’re always up to date on new and novel protein sources.”

The company’s facility boasts a state-of-the-art pilot plant including a direct steam unit, which is critical in the production of dairy and high protein products. Imbibe’s pilot plant can simulate all beverage manufacturing methods, a capability that is critical for developing real products as opposed to prototypes.

“Protein beverages are extremely complex systems and are especially susceptible to instability when exposed to heat and shear,” said Farinella. “For these products, the process development and scale-up work is almost equally important as the formulation.”

Imbibe also released the video “10 Steps for Developing Protein Beverages” that offers tips to beverage brands that want to develop a product in the highly popular category.

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