The Seeds of Beverage Innovation

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protein At Niles, Ill.-based Imbibe, marketing manager Ilana Orlofsky concurred with Mr. Averbook that protein drinks are “no longer relegated for the elite athlete.” She identified protein as a “highly sought after macro-nutrient,” product developers are using to attract new consumers to the category.
Researches and manufacturers tend to be on the same page in pointing to energy and satiety as being the primary drivers of consumer interest in protein drinks, but Ms. Orlofsky takes it one step further.
“There’s also a sexy association with protein, so many consumers strive to incorporate as much of the nutrient as possible in their diet, even though the average consumer isn’t protein deficient,” she said.
Myla Watkins, beverage scientist and research chef with Imbibe said the flavor of new proteins and functional ingredients may go from “absolutely horrible – like pea protein powder when first introduced” – to quite acceptable. But some protein sources feature a flavor that is particularly challenging to mask.

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