#TrendSpotting – Savory Beverages

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Emerging Category: Savory Beverages
Veggie-based and animal-based beverages,have started to gain traction, especially in the natural and organic marketplace. Savory beverage flavors include beet, garlic, pickle, jalapeno.

Vegetables have taken center stage, both on the plate and in beverages.

Expect to see more golden milk and turmeric lattes on menus.

Fermentation has become popular for its inherent benefits. Veggies like beets, garlic, jalapeno and cucumbers are being fermented and inspire savory beverages.

Next up: hints of veggies in latte, like the beetroot latte spotted at Bluestone Lane in NY.

Bone broth has gained popularity for its associated health benefits, including immune support, anti-inflammation, and gut health.

Bone broth products (including RTDs) currently on the market most commonly come from chicken or beef. Bone broth protein powder is also beginning to emerge.

Bone broth varieties on the market include herbaceous flavors like carrot, turmeric, ginger, jalapeno, cranberry and sage.

Brands are even blurring the lines between veggie and animal based beverages to create savory drinks with added function and flavor.

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