Technical Tips on Product Development Part 2

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flavor extractionInsights from Our Team of Beverage Experts

  • Adding antioxidants at the correct level into Citrus flavors will extend the shelf life of a flavor.

  • Common Natural Antioxidants for citrus flavors are: Vitamin E, Mixed Tocopherols, and Rosemary Extract (contains Rosmarinic acid).

  • When developing, remember that flavor, texture, color, and sweetness are all likely to change after processing.

  • Be sure to blend hydrocolloids with bulk powders such as sugar to ensure proper hydration.

  • When formulating, be sure to use ingredients from transparent, trusted suppliers.

  • When developing a protein beverage, wait to make formulation/processing changes until ensuring that samples have properly aged.”

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  • Fernando Martinez


    I am interested in learning more about beverage applications using proteins. Do you offer a short course that goes into more detail as to how proteins function in beverage applications? Also learning more about how to tackle some of the everyday concerns such as solubility, aggregation, taste, texture, color, etc? I appreciate your assistance.

    • Imbibe

      Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we don’t offer courses. The items you mentioned are skills that our Product Development Team brings to bare on the projects we work on. If you have a specific project that you would like to engage Imbibe on, please send an email to Thanks!

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