Capture Consumers with Less Traditional Vegetable Flavors in Your Next Beverage Launch:

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Vegetables are in the limelight, with upscale preparations gaining recognition and surprising patrons across the globe. (The Next Level Mousse at The Avocado Show, Amsterdam; Butter Dumplings at Bad Hunter, Chicago; Blistered Squash at Al’s Place, San Francisco; Portobello Carpaccio at Vedge, Philadelphia – just to name a few). In addition to taking over the plate, we’re seeing more than the traditional tomato and greens available in the grocery aisle – and beyond the vegetable variety, we’re seeing consumers accept these nutrient rich garden-based beverages.

Here are some brands that are leveraging less common veggies in their products:

  1. Farmhouse Culture | Vegetable flavors include: garlic dill pickle, ginger beet, kimchi and smoked jalapeno
  2. Bonefide Provisions | Vegetable flavors include: Revitalize (spinach, pea, asparagus), Thrive (butternut squash, onion, fennel), Glow (tomato, beets, cucumber, onion), Renew (red pepper, tomato), Revive (carrots, fennel)
  3. Salad Power | Vegetable flavors include: Just Veggies (carrot, kale, spinach, tomato, celery, green bell pepper, cucumber)
  4. Daily Greens | Vegetable flavors include: Elevate (cucumber, spinach, watercress), Renew (cucumber, celery, spinach, dandelion greens), Vitality (cucumber, celery, kale, cilantro, jalapeno)
  5. Pressery | Vegetable flavors include: Green Zinger (spinach, celery, cucumber, collards), Beat Street (beet, carrot)
  6. Zupa | Vegetable flavors include: tomatillo jalapeno, yellow pepper, cucumber avocado fennel
  7. Fawen | Vegetable flavors include: broccoli cauliflower, beet cabbage, sweet potato red lentil

Many vegetable flavored beverages currently on the market aren’t shelf stable. As consumers accept and appreciate these vegetables as prominent flavors in their beverages, there will be a demand for these flavors to come through in shelf-stable options, in addition to those products offering the associated health benefits. We’re keeping our eyes on beets and greens (collard, dandelion, mustard, turnip) in particular as we watch for future flavor profiles.

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