Beauty from Within: Beverage Ingredients for Skin, Hair and Nail Health

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The functional beverage market has grown exponentially over the last several years as busy consumers are seeking convenient ways to improve their health and wellness. Some of the most popular functional beverages on the market improve digestion, enhance cognition, and aid with weight loss. A small, but increasingly popular sub-segment of functional beverages are those that make beauty claims like boosting skin moisture, firming skin, and developing stronger hair and nails.

Beverages that enhance hair, skin and nails are already mainstream in Europe and Asia, and with so many functional beverage products entering the market we expect this category to grow in the U.S. as well. Here is a list of the most common ingredients, and the beauty benefits associated with them:

  • Vitamin A (reduces wrinkles, fades brown spots, and smooths roughness)
  • Vitamin C (which aids with collagen production)
  • Biotin (strengthens hair, skin and nails)
  • B3 (Boosts hydration to reduce redness)
  • B6 (improves skin and helps treat acne)
  • B12 (reduces redness, dryness, inflammation and acne blemishes on skin)
  • Collagen (reduces the appearance of wrinkles)
  • Silica (helps with collagen formation)

Here are some beauty beverages on the market right now:


All Beauty Drink: Pomegranate Rose

Lac Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula

RAW Pressery: Glow

NeoCell: Beauty Infusion

Natures Bounty: Complete Protein and Vitamin Shake

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