7 of the hottest trends in Natural Products right now

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Photo Credit: Naked Juice

Photo Credit: Naked Juice


Both restaurants and retailers are highlighting veggies – whether they’re being pickled, fermented, smoked or fried they’re being used from their root to their stem. New beverages are coming to market that include conventional smoothie greens like kale and spinach, but in both food and beverage, we’re also seeing an increase in the use of beets, cucumbers, romaine, celery, broccoli, carrots and onions.
Market examples:  Forager chips, Peeled Snacks Peas, Beefsteak, Vedge, Veggie Fries


As eating like a caveman (with a focus on fruits, veggies, meat and fish) gains popularity, there’s a rise in the number of Paleo-friendly and Paleo-approved products on the shelf. This diet also encourages grass-fed meats specifically, since there’s less of a chance of ingesting grains, which, along with dairy is not encouraged in the Paleo diet.
Market examples: Epic Bar, Paleo Diet Bar, Amara, RX Bar, Paleo Prime Foods

Photo Credit: Malk Organics

Photo Credit: Malk Organics

Third Wave Nut-Based Beverages

Nut milks have had widespread appeal for almost the last decade but as other flavor profiles and beverages gain market share, we’re seeing nut milks integrated into some of the latest crazes. You can find it cold-pressed in cold-brew coffee, mixed with matcha, and blended with spices like turmeric and ginger.
Market examples: Malk Organics, Califia Farms, Pop and Bottle, Juisi, Jus Jus

Natural Sweeteners

Spurred by concerns about excessive sugar intake and increased desire for simpler ingredients, consumers are looking to more natural sources of sugar, like date nectar, maple syrup, honey, and coconut palm sugar.
Market examples: NÜMOOLuliTonixRumble SupershakeRebel KitchenHoneydrop


Photo Credit: Five Star Foodies

Photo Credit: Five Star Foodies

Alternative Burgers

Leaner meats and plant-based options are on the rise everywhere from fast food restaurants to steakhouses, resulting in many inventive burger options, such as black bean, veggie, bison, lamb, salmon, and even shrimp.
Market examples: Five Star Foodies (artichoke burger)Wendy’s Black Bean BurgerProof (shrimp burger)Oceana (salmon burger)

Jackfruit: Meat-Alternative Snack

This tropical fruit is emerging as a healthy snack and meat substitute in the U.S. A very versatile food, jackfruit is naturally sweet when ripe and savory when unripe. Its texture when unripe, similar to that of chicken or pork, makes it a new healthy alternative to soy.
Market examples: The Jackfruit CompanyUpton’s NaturalsMavuno Harvest

CricketChipsWill Insect Protein Become Mainstream?

According to the UN, about two billion people already eat insects regularly. Increased awareness of sustainability and food security are leading to greater accessibility to nutritious protein options like crickets and meal worms. Although the ick factor of eating insects will likely be a roadblock among many consumers for quite some time, options are growing for the curious eaters.
Market examples: BittyAll Things BugsChubby Meal WormsChapul, Exo

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