7 of the hottest food and beverage trends happening now

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Function from Fermentation

According to gut health enthusiasts, you can ferment anything. Enter kombucha, and the lesser known kvass and jun. Kombucha’s base is fermented tea, while kvass, a traditional Slavic beverage, begins with the fermentation of grains. Sometimes called the champagne of kombucha, jun has characteristics similar to honey mead, and feeds off of green tea and honey. Next up? More Kombucha beer and cocktail mixers.

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Wine for One

Wine has gone single-serve and is now available in cans and Tetra Paks. In addition to single-serve, expect to see more adult beverage products capitalizing on the mainstream trends from the grocery aisle, like natural positioning through organic certification.

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Bone Broth & Other Drinkable Soups 

Does putting soup in a bottle make it a beverage? Some might say no, but brands are pushing the limits as on-the-go consumption continues to gain traction. Kobe Bryant drinks bone broth for its anti-inflammatory properties. Now, these savory beverages/soups are even compatible with your Keurig. Flavors include chicken, beef, fish, and veggie, to name a few.

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Plant & Tree “Water”

Birch, maple, cactus, and flower “waters” are taking the stage as consumers seek out the promise of healthy and natural ingredients. With touted benefits like electrolytes, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and lower sugar content, these plant waters are a draw for people looking for healthier hydration options.

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Avocado – So Hot Right Now

Not only are avocados a healthful addition to many meals, these fruits (sometimes called alligator pears) are also used in a variety of non-edible applications such as treating hair and scalp ailments and combating wrinkles. Avocados will continue to appear in products across food, beverage and the personal care categories.

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Coffee Fruit Surges 

Coffee fruit, the pulp and peel typically discarded after extracting coffee beans, is now available in a variety of beverage formats, including juices, sodas, cold brew mixes, and dried tea-like forms. The fruit’s high density of antioxidants make it an intriguing choice for those seeking the next hot superfruit.

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Fortified with Resveratrol

The plant compound known for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties is emerging as a functional ingredient in coffee and beverages aimed to maintain beauty. Previously only accessible by drinking red wine or taking supplements, consumers are now exploring resveratrol in new formats to maintain heart and skin health.

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