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Drink Like A Pro

As beverage experts, at Imbibe, most of our team members spend the majority of their time in the lab, developing your favorite ready-to-drink, powdered and fountain beverages. We are experts in [...]

#Trendspotting DIY

#Trendspotting DIY from Imbibe on Vimeo. Pinterest launched in 2010, and propelled consumer interest in the DIY movement. DIY kits for food and beverage have become especially popular with [...]

How Are Flavors Born?

Imbibe’s flavor chemists possess a sophisticated understanding of their craft, which is developing compelling custom flavors for our clients. They recently worked with our talented creative team [...]

Function: Immunity

Consumer demand for added function and health benefits continues to grow across all beverage categories. According to data from Mintel, across bottled water, coffee, CSDs, teas and the non-dairy [...]

Imbibe on the Brain

Those who know Imbibers well, know that as a whole, we are intrepid in our approach to beverage development, but this characteristic extends beyond the lab. Recently, one of our Imbibers showed [...]

Function: Energy

Retail sales of energy drinks are expected to reach $16.1 billion by 2019. Red Bull remains the leader in dollars with nearly $3 billion in sales (according to IRI), though the category continues [...]

Flavor Wheel

This is one representation of the vocabulary that our flavor chemists and product developers have when working on beverage formulations, beverage flavors and beverage development. Words like [...]

Heavy Lifting

Long associated with bodybuilders and serious athletes, protein drinks have in recent years drawn surging interest from a broad spectrum of consumers. Demand for the beverages is being driven by [...]

Imbibe at IFT

Heading to IFT 2016 in Chicago? Check out Imbibe’s speaking engagements at McCormick Place: Sunday, July 17 | 2 pm Joe Farinella, VP of R&D Expect the Unexpected: Lessons Learned from a [...]

Mocktails and More

Mixing meal occasions and flavor profiles in one product is a trend we’ve seen across the board – from Dunkin Donuts’ glazed donut breakfast sandwich to dessert inspired tea flavors by The [...]

Nostalgia and Whimsy

You know that guy in legal who’s 40 years old and still brings a PB&J to lunch every day? No, he’s not crazy, he just remembers what it’s like to be young and brown-bagging it at school. And [...]

Herbs & Spices

Ever wonder why the vast majority of soft drinks are just traditional colas, root beers, seltzers? Why juices typically only incorporate fruit and vegetable profiles? Well, not anymore. In recent [...]

Sodas by Imbibe

Since our beginnings in 1963, Imbibe has focused relentlessly on mastering the art of carbonated soft drinks. This wide ranging category features a handful of “core” flavor types (like cola, root [...]