Introducing SweetSenseTM

Kosher  |  Vegan  |  Zero Calorie  |  Non-GMO  |  Natural  |  No Allergens  |  Halal Compliant  |  Organic Compliant

Elevate your sense of sweet!

SweetSenseTM was designed through Imbibe’s unique approach to ingredient system formulation, leveraging our expertise in both beverage development and flavor creation. We build our solutions directly in the beverages that will use them, ensuring optimal performance and impact. Talk to us about how Imbibe can make Sense for you!

Imbibe’s proprietary SweetSenseTM technology has been specifically designed to optimize sweetness perception in beverages. Labeled as Natural Flavor, SweetSenseTM has numerous benefits:

Accentuates inherent sweetness from other ingredients
Provides added lift and intensity to characterizing flavors
Moderates the off-notes and linger typical when using natural, non-nutritive sweeteners
Reduces the amount of sugar needed to meet taste and mouthfeel requirements (up to 30% in many beverage formats)
Stable through thermal processing
Ideal for clean label and reduced calorie formulations
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Please email us at to see how SweetSenseTM can help you build your beverage.