Beverage Lab Technician

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Employment Summary

The Company:

Imbibe is a leading innovator in the beverage industry. Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to product development where we engineer every beverage from the bottom up. We design custom components, such as ingredient blends, flavors and finished beverages for every project. Imbibe combines a powerful synergy of innovation, technical expertise and dedication to ensure our clients never settle for anything but the best. If interested in this position email

The Position:

We are seeking a Beverage Lab Technician to join the R&D team. The primary responsibility of this position is to support the R&D team in the development of new, innovative beverages. The majority of activity will involve batching up, bottling and taking analytical data on beverage products during the benchtop phase of new product development. The ideal candidate will be a positive, energetic team player and hands-on person with a passion for learning about a wide variety of beverage ingredients, product types and processing technologies.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Batch up multiple test variables of beverage products to aid the new product development process
• Follow batching instructions provided by Product Developers to create new, innovative beverage formulations
• Conduct analytical chemistry tests to confirm beverages meet pH, TA, Brix, etc. quality requirements
• Support the bottling, labeling and shipping efforts to ensure new product samples are successfully delivered to our customers
• Follow all Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines during the production of beverage products. This includes properly cleaning and organizing all work areas and wearing all proper food safety and personal protective equipment.

Qualifications and Requirements:
• Solid experience in Analytical Chemistry Techniques and Quality Testing
• A team player willing to do what it takes to support the development and launch of new products on tight timelines in a fast-paced environment
• Minimum education – HS Graduate
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office software products including Outlook, Excel and Word

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