Demand increases for probiotic drinks

There’s an idiom that talks about listening to one’s gut as a way to ward off something that doesn’t feel right. After the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, or gut, is the nervous system’s [...]

#Trendspotting Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee that’s brewed in cold water yields a slightly sweeter and less acidic brew, which has contributed to the growth of the sub-segment of coffee: cold-brew. Sometimes blended with other [...]

Less is More: Sugar Reduction, Less Sodium & Low-FODMAPS in Food, Beverage

Consumers have become slightly obsessed with the “less is more” philosophy. Within the food and beverage industry, we see a demand for smaller portions—consumers are willing to pay the same [...]

Fiber on the (Fore)Front of Packages

According to recent data from UCSF, Americans are averaging a daily intake of 15g of fiber, though the recommendation is between 25-30 grams. While this nutrient has many benefits, including [...]

Beverage Scientist

Imbibe is seeking a Beverage Scientist with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience developing and launching food and/or beverage products to join our Product Development Team.  This position will [...]

Senior Beverage Scientist

Imbibe is seeking an experienced Senior Beverage Scientist to join our Product Development Team.  The ideal candidate will have considerable experience in the industry developing and launching [...]

Beverage Lab Technician

Imbibe is seeking a Beverage Lab Technician to join the R&D team.  The primary responsibility of this position is to support the R&D team in the development of new, innovative beverages.  The [...]

Category Insight: Clean Label Sweeteners Raise the Bar in Beverages

Laura Dembitzer, marketing director, Imbibe, said there are two distinct consumer groups at play in the carbonated drink and sports beverage markets. Consumers who want to reduce their sugar [...]