Demand increases for probiotic drinks

There’s an idiom that talks about listening to one’s gut as a way to ward off something that doesn’t feel right. After the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, or gut, is the nervous system’s [...]

#Trendspotting Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee that’s brewed in cold water yields a slightly sweeter and less acidic brew, which has contributed to the growth of the sub-segment of coffee: cold-brew. Sometimes blended with other [...]

Less is More: Sugar Reduction, Less Sodium & Low-FODMAPS in Food, Beverage

Consumers have become slightly obsessed with the “less is more” philosophy. Within the food and beverage industry, we see a demand for smaller portions—consumers are willing to pay the same [...]

Fiber on the (Fore)Front of Packages

According to recent data from UCSF, Americans are averaging a daily intake of 15g of fiber, though the recommendation is between 25-30 grams. While this nutrient has many benefits, including [...]

Beverage Scientist

Imbibe is seeking a Beverage Scientist with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience developing and launching food and/or beverage products to join our Product Development Team.  This position will [...]

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